Lovesick Episode 3: Love Is Blind

In Lovesick Episode 3: Love Is Blind, Ehsan Knopf explores the myth that love is blind. Is love really blind? What happens in today’s world of online dating when you have a trait over which you have no control? What if it’s an issue that nobody likes?

After the episode, Essy and I discussed the following points.

  • Is love really blind, especially in today’s age?
  • Have we become too picky, and why? Is the issue that we can’t identify needs over wants?
  • At what point do yo have to suspend judgment and calculation in the process of finding a partner? Can it run counter to actually falling in love?

These fifteen minute discussions go fast, and one point I wanted to tie in with the weight issue is that it’s better to be upfront with people, regardless of the issue, even cystic fibrosis. Years ago, a friend of mine started email communication with a man online. They were really hitting it off through email, but the man hid the fact that he was a quadriplegic until he couldn’t hide it any longer. If he had expressed it upfront, they might have remained friends, but my friend ended up feeling like he lied to her.

Counter to that, I have a relative who has had an artificial leg since she was nine years old, because she lost her leg to cancer as a child. She and her husband have been married for over 50 years. Does that mean love was blind in this case?

What are you thoughts? Watch the post-episode discussion, and please chime in. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can tell I’m getting more comfortable with Google Hangouts on Air. I’m starting to get more opinionated. :-) Enjoy!


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