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Man #63, Riding a Wave of Dating Fears

Man #63 and I started communicating on eHarmony. Since eHarmony is now an advertiser on my blog, I received an email with new links for promotional display ads informing me that there would be a free communication weekend coming up. Free weekends usually mean a lot of new subscribers, so I jumped online to see […]

Lovesick Episode 1: Romantic love is timeless

The first episode of Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love is out. Followed by our our Hangouts on Air discussion after the episode with Australian filmmaker, Ehsan Knopf, Clarissa Silva, dating blogger from, and me.   Go join the conversation. Please don’t be too harsh. This was my first Hangout on Air. Geez! I need […]

Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love

Recently, I was approached by Ehsan Knopf, Australian documentary filmmaker, for an interview. He’s currently working on a web series called “Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love”. It sounds like a really cool project, and I was happy to answer his questions You can check out my online interview here. And here’s the trailer… The first episode is […]

Bill the Butcher, big meat, bad karma

Bill the Butcher, Big Meat, and Bad Karma

I don’t normally get involved in local kerfuffles, but as one person commenting on Sunny Kobe Cook’s blog, Uncommon Ways, stated, “Wow! It takes a lot of cojones to rip off Sunny Kobe Cook.” If you don’t know Sunny Kobe Cook, you must not be from the Pacific Northwest. She’s our local mattress queen, award-winning entrepreneur, […]

No, I'm not dating a conflict starter

Man #62, No, I’m Not Dating a Conflict Starter

If you’re out there dating at all, you know it can be exhausting. Right about the time you think you meet someone halfway normal, you go on a second date, and they show you their true colors. Actually, you might not even get to the second date before red flags start to pop up. That’s […]