See! Our captain really does look good with pink hair.

The 2014 Pink Regatta

I know. This is my second cop-out of a blog post in a row, but this is important. I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled dating recaps to bring you this shameless request for donations. On Sunday, September 7th, I will be on-board Frog Prints, racing in The 2014 Pink Regatta to raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In both […]

Free Communication Weekend on eHarmony

Hey campers! Take advantage of eHarmony’s free communication weekend. It starts tomorrow, August 15th, at 12:01 a.m. and ends Monday, August 18th, at 11:59 p.m.. That’s four whole days in which to find yourself a date. What are you waiting for? In the past, I know I talked a lot of shit about eHarmony, but […]


Man #59, Mr. Mansplainer

For the past couple of years, Man #59 would occasionally hit me up on OkCupid. He would usually initiate instant messaging and then, two sentences into the conversation, he’d have nothing interesting to say. I would typically chat with him sporadically as I responded to other messages. When I was done doing whatever it was I was […]

should you be dating a married man?

Man #57, Doctor Heal Thyself – Should I be Dating a Married Man

The next morning, post spooning, I felt extremely conflicted. Why was I even considering dating a married man? What was I doing? I really liked The Jewish Doctor, but I couldn’t have feelings for another woman’s husband, could I? The predicament made me feel really sad. Here I’ve muddled through dates with almost 60 different men, […]

wedding rings

Man #57, Should I Date a Married Man

When you’re online dating, beware of the “separated” man. He’s probably married. I hate saying that, because I was only just separated when I first posted my online dating profile on a couple of dating sites. However, my husband had moved out, and there was no going back. My marriage was truly done. I’ve come […]