Lovesick Episode 4: Algorithms will help us find love

Many of us have come to rely on dating websites and apps to find romantic partners. But are these powerful tools ultimately more help or hindrance? Lovesick: The Web Series is produced by EK Productions ( in association with dating bloggers Clarissa Silva ( and Wilma Stordahl ( Be sure like EK Productions on Facebook […]

Intuition quote

Man #63, The Intuitive

Within minutes, Man #63 and I went from talking about movies (Philomena and All Is Lost) to books (Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer in general, and whether or not Krakauer had updated the latest edition of the book with what he learned about wild potato seed.) I brought up personality types where we discovered that we are […]

Lovesick Episode 3: Love Is Blind

In Lovesick Episode 3: Love Is Blind, Ehsan Knopf explores the myth that love is blind. Is love really blind? What happens in today’s world of online dating when you have a trait over which you have no control? What if it’s an issue that nobody likes? After the episode, Essy and I discussed the […]

How All is Lost saved me from a rocky first date conversation

Man #63, A Rocky Start to First Date Conversation

A lot of people suffer from nervousness when it comes to first date conversations. They’re not sure what to talk about; they try too hard to impress their date; or maybe they just talk too much about themselves. A variety of things can happen when nerves take hold, but I don’t usually get nervous on […]

Lovesick Episode 2: The more choices, the better

We all enjoy having choices, especially where our romantic lives are concerned. But what if you didn’t have the freedom to choose – would that be so bad? Watch Lovesick Episode 2: The more choices, the better Ehsan Knopf and I will discuss the issue of having more choices in a Hangout on Air at […]