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Men #66 and #67 and My Dating Dilemma

“You probably go on a lot of dates, don’t you,” Man #67 asked. I blushed slightly and broke my eye contact with him. I thought about it. Yes, I’d had dates with three different men in the past four days. I guess you could say I do a lot of dating. Over the past four […]

Valentine's Day heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Sigh) I’m still climbing the learning curve when it comes to getting my YouTube videos edited, so unfortunately, I didn’t get my latest video posted this morning. As a consolation prize, here’s a video from Mamrie Hart, The Bad Date Milkshake. If your Valentine’s Day date doesn’t go as planned, you can always return home […]

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Man #64, Eh and Man #65, The Loaner

As I mentioned a while ago, my move out of Seattle to Redmond was not an easy one. It was made more difficult by that fact that as soon as I moved to the mighty, Microsoft suburb, my trusty Jetta decided to not be trusty. She broke down, and I sent her off to a […]

Introducing Ask Wilma

I’m taking on a new challenge. YouTube! I’m starting a new video dating advice series called Ask Wilma. It will most likely post every Saturday morning unless I get an outcry from subscribers that you’d rather get it on a different day. It’s taken me a while to get this going. I had to watch a […]

rebound relationships and the game theory of dating

The Game Theory of Dating: Secretaries, Stags, and Prisoners

The idea that you choose to love rather than falling in love came up a few weeks ago after I recounted the highlights of my relationship with Man #63. You might also remember that I referred to “faulty fucking logic” after our break up, and I promised I would address this notion of choosing to […]