the nice guy must be authentic

Man #70, The “Nice” Guy

Man #70 is someone most people would call a nice guy, and honestly, he probably is a nice guy. He just didn’t seem like an honest guy. Man #70 exemplified one of the nice guy archetypes women face when dating. He’s nice on the outside but unwilling to let you see what’s on the inside […]

music studio wilma stordahl cover of Christina Perri's Tragedy

Wilma’s Cover of Christina Perri’s Tragedy

A Music Dream Fulfilled As you know, I mention how much I love to sing pretty frequently on this blog. I’ve had at least a couple karaoke dates, Man #25, The Karaoke Kripple and Man #50, The Bodyguard, and of course, early readers will remember how hard I fell for Man #1, The Blues Man as […]

best dates have sexual tension

Man #69, the Best Date I Never Had

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   The Best Dates The best dates for building attraction are those that allow you to talk and interact in a playful, engaging way. “Well, duh,” you might say, but do you know why these elements are so important? It’s that allusive thing we call chemistry, that spark we either […]

Saying you're an easy-going guy doesn't make it so.

Man #68, The “Easy-going” Guy

Saying It Doesn’t Make It So Drama-free, low-maintenance, easy-going…these words aren’t just the hallmarks of a cliché-ridden online dating profile. They’re usually red flags. Experience has taught me that the people who say they don’t like drama are usually the ones who attract it. People who don’t have drama in their lives don’t even think […]

dating dilemma

Men #66 and #67 and My Dating Dilemma

“You probably go on a lot of dates, don’t you,” Man #67 asked. I blushed slightly and broke my eye contact with him. I thought about it. Yes, I’d had dates with three different men in the past four days. I guess you could say I do a lot of dating. Over the past four […]

Valentine's Day heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Sigh) I’m still climbing the learning curve when it comes to getting my YouTube videos edited, so unfortunately, I didn’t get my latest video posted this morning. As a consolation prize, here’s a video from Mamrie Hart, The Bad Date Milkshake. If your Valentine’s Day date doesn’t go as planned, you can always return home […]

Online dating profile photos

Man #64, Eh and Man #65, The Loaner

As I mentioned a while ago, my move out of Seattle to Redmond was not an easy one. It was made more difficult by that fact that as soon as I moved to the mighty, Microsoft suburb, my trusty Jetta decided to not be trusty. She broke down, and I sent her off to a […]

Introducing Ask Wilma

I’m taking on a new challenge. YouTube! I’m starting a new video dating advice series called Ask Wilma. It will most likely post every Saturday morning unless I get an outcry from subscribers that you’d rather get it on a different day. It’s taken me a while to get this going. I had to watch a […]

rebound relationships and the game theory of dating

The Game Theory of Dating: Secretaries, Stags, and Prisoners

The idea that you choose to love rather than falling in love came up a few weeks ago after I recounted the highlights of my relationship with Man #63. You might also remember that I referred to “faulty fucking logic” after our break up, and I promised I would address this notion of choosing to […]

Can you be just friends with an ex

Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

First Comes Love. Then Comes…Friendship? One of the most oft’ uttered phrases in breakups is the proverbial, “…but we can still be friends.”  I am apparently not immune. When Man #63 said he would never love me it was followed by, “but I still want us to be friends.” It was that whole “fellow space […]